About Us

We at NGO Xchange are committed to bringing greater transparency and lower fees to the nonprofit sector. Our blockchain platform solves the major compliance issues of fund traceability, security, and fraud, while offering cost savings on the transactions. Trading under the acronym “NGO”, the NGO Coin is a cryptocurrency pegged 1 to 1 on the USD that provides a transparent immutable ledger to satisfy donor compliance regulations and enables significant financial savings.

During our public pilot test we invite you to register as either a NGO or as a Vendor, and use our platform on the blockchain test network. All transactions made with NGO Coin during the pilot test are free, and represent no transfer of real value. When we go live in Q3, 2019 we will switch over to the main blockchain network. At this time all NGO Coins will be backed 1:1 to the USD using our Proof of Funds method. To learn more about how our technology works read our white paper in the link below.

Vineet Ravi CEO
Shishir Singh Co-Founder/CTO

Our Roadmap

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